Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 1: By Danielle & Kim

Last week our team accomplished the following tasks:
  • At Fundamentals Day we helped each other learn more about the things we are good at and the things that we are not as good at. We also turned in paperwork and created goals about what we are going to accomplish in 8 weeks.  These tasks helped us practice our initiative and self-direction skills.
  • We learned how to express ourselves through writing poetry, which allowed us to practice our creativity and innovation skills.
  • We interviewed each other about ourselves which allowed us to practice social & cross-cultural skills by talking with different people we didn't know.  
  • We learned how to be a follower and to be a leader in order you to be a leader you will have to be a follower first.
  • We learned how to write "I Am, I Dream, I Wish"  poems which allowed us to practice critical thinking & problem solving through brainstorming.
  • We researched the words "Sonnet," "Acrostic," and "Imaget" in preparation for a presentation we will give about these words. 
This week we are going to accomplish the following:
  • We are going to enter highlights of our work from the week into ArtWorks blog.
  • We are going to present our research
  • Discuss our first pay check
  • Also we are going to do a writing exercise called, "a picture is worth a thousand words"
Reflections from the Interns:
  • One of the things we are looking forward to doing is our 'Out of My Window' writing exercise
  • One of the great things that this program is teaching us for future employability is great communication.
  • So far we think this program is pretty good.

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  1. Nice job ladies on your first blog post. Next week please make sure you discuss the employability skills you will practice along with the tasks you will accomplish in Week 3.