Monday, March 28, 2011

Final Week 8 by: Kali

LAST WEEK our team accomplished the following
  • We typed our poems up.
  • Then Lead Artist Dan Vaughn went over them with us.
  • We fixed our mistakes.
  • Then last we prepared to make our beautiful shirts.
THIS WEEK our team is going to accomplish the following
  • We will put our poems on the shirts & bags in creative ways.
  • We will prepare for our UNVEILING EVENT on Saturday, April 9th, 2-4pm @ ArtWorks
    • Come out to support us! Light refreshments will be served and many of our shirts will be available for sale to the public -- Cash, Checks & Credit Cards (MC/VISA) accepted
  • We will finish the art work for our beautiful shirts.
  • What i think of the program is it is a great way for our young people to get a head start on what the real world looks like.
  • The easiest thing for me was getting along with the people, ArtWorks is a great environment!
  • The most difficult thing was writing a poem that Mr. Dan approved of.
  • Most of all it was a great learning experience

Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 6 & 7: By Kim Rodriguez

Last week our team accomplished the following tasks:
  • We saw our career coaches for the last time at Artworks.
  • We typed and printed seven poems.
  • We started to create our shirts.
Job Skills we learned/practices last week:
  • We discussed how to market our final product.
  • We continued working on designs of tee shirts and bags
  • We practiced the following creative 21st Century skills:
    • Communication & Collaboration
    • Giving & Receiving Feedback
    • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • We presented progress on our pieces so far, and gave and received feedback to guide each other in our process.
In Week 7 we will:
  • Work on building initiative & self-direction skills.  
  • We will continue to work on our pieces
  • We will incorporate feedback from critiques.

Friday, March 18, 2011

We finally have some pictures to share! ENJOY!

 Intern Kali executes her first designed t-shirt.
 Intern Shawn smiles while he produces is first shirt.
 Intern TJ shows off his artistic stylings
 Interns Kali and Shantillie concentrate on the details
 Interns teach one another about assigned poetry concepts
Practice takes patience!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 4 &5 : By Shantillie Moore

Last Week:
We completed the following tasks~

  • We had our first formal performance evaluations, and found out if our performance earned us a raise.
  • We completed our poems so we could get ready for designing our shirts.
  • We met with our career coaches to cover our second topic.
  • We opened up to each other and discussed/critiqued our poems.
We practiced the following 21st Century Skills~
  • Demonstrating a positive work ethic- Lead Artist and ArtWorks leadership will meet with each intern for formal performance evaluation.
  • Communication and Collaboration- Lead Artist and Artworks leadership will meet with each Intern for a formal performance evaluation.
  • Initiative and Self-Direction -- Working on our shirt designs
  • Listening and Understanding- Interns will listen to presentation, take notes, and complete exercises.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving- Interns will use the information from all presentations to write new poems from the topics list.
  • Creativity and Innovation- Interns will design ideas of how they plan to complete their products.
  • Initiative and Self-Direction- Interns will determine which poems they will use.
This Week We Will:
  • Meet with our coaches to cover our third topic.
  • Start practicing writing on clothing and designing our shirts.
  • Review the performance goals we set for ourselves on the first day, and do an exercise with the team to measure our progress in meeting our goals.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week 3: By Rasheem & TJ

 Last week: Our team accomplished the following:
  1. We did research on our group words/vocabulary for better poems
  2. We went to Manpower to meet our Career Coaches
  3. We did a presentation to the team on our poems
  4. We also listened to feedback and revised our poems 
There are pictures from our kick-off session at Manpower on 2/21/11. Follow this link!
Career Coaching Pictures

The job skills that we worked on included:
  1. Communicating & collaborating with each other
  2. Dividing up tasks amongst team members
  3. Problem solving
  4. Technical writing skills
  5. Being prepared to work with our Career Coaches
  6. Professionalism
  7. Giving & Receiving feedback
Next week, our team is going to:
  1. Think about marketing: How will we advertise and sell the stuff we create?
  2. Open studio: Keep working on our poems and start practicing working with fabric and markers
  3. Critical thinking & problem solving
  4. The important one that our team needs to do is communicating better - with more respect
Intern thoughts about the program:
On Monday we met up with our career coaches again to cover the first topic we picked.We were glad to meet our coaches so we can learn more about real jobs -- they can help us become better people and workers.