Monday, March 28, 2011

Final Week 8 by: Kali

LAST WEEK our team accomplished the following
  • We typed our poems up.
  • Then Lead Artist Dan Vaughn went over them with us.
  • We fixed our mistakes.
  • Then last we prepared to make our beautiful shirts.
THIS WEEK our team is going to accomplish the following
  • We will put our poems on the shirts & bags in creative ways.
  • We will prepare for our UNVEILING EVENT on Saturday, April 9th, 2-4pm @ ArtWorks
    • Come out to support us! Light refreshments will be served and many of our shirts will be available for sale to the public -- Cash, Checks & Credit Cards (MC/VISA) accepted
  • We will finish the art work for our beautiful shirts.
  • What i think of the program is it is a great way for our young people to get a head start on what the real world looks like.
  • The easiest thing for me was getting along with the people, ArtWorks is a great environment!
  • The most difficult thing was writing a poem that Mr. Dan approved of.
  • Most of all it was a great learning experience

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