Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 4 &5 : By Shantillie Moore

Last Week:
We completed the following tasks~

  • We had our first formal performance evaluations, and found out if our performance earned us a raise.
  • We completed our poems so we could get ready for designing our shirts.
  • We met with our career coaches to cover our second topic.
  • We opened up to each other and discussed/critiqued our poems.
We practiced the following 21st Century Skills~
  • Demonstrating a positive work ethic- Lead Artist and ArtWorks leadership will meet with each intern for formal performance evaluation.
  • Communication and Collaboration- Lead Artist and Artworks leadership will meet with each Intern for a formal performance evaluation.
  • Initiative and Self-Direction -- Working on our shirt designs
  • Listening and Understanding- Interns will listen to presentation, take notes, and complete exercises.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving- Interns will use the information from all presentations to write new poems from the topics list.
  • Creativity and Innovation- Interns will design ideas of how they plan to complete their products.
  • Initiative and Self-Direction- Interns will determine which poems they will use.
This Week We Will:
  • Meet with our coaches to cover our third topic.
  • Start practicing writing on clothing and designing our shirts.
  • Review the performance goals we set for ourselves on the first day, and do an exercise with the team to measure our progress in meeting our goals.

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